Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finds (16th November 2012)

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading where you show off all of the great books you have come across in some way or another during the week.

Here is a book that interested me enough to add to my ever growing TBR list this week (click on the cover to go to Goodreads):
Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog or Just Crazy?
Dogs now dominate the $55 billion a year pet business, with nearly 40 percent of American households owning a total of 78.2 million dogs. Dog products, dog services, dog admiration--okay, let's call it dog worship--has become totally over the top, with doggie treadmills, dog swimming pools, caffeine-free doggie java, dog massage, dog perfume, aromatherapy, hair coloring, and, yes, dog tattoos that would have seemed outlandish a generation ago when applied to your everyday household Rover.

But Rover isn't called Rover anymore: he's called Rufus. Or Lola, according to the Tumblog Hipster Puppies. In fact, all Top Ten Dog Names are people names. And the canine Rufus doesn't stay home alone all day; he goes to Doggie Daycare. Eats brightly frosted martini-shaped doggie treats. Wears designer tutus. Gets married on the beach. Has...

Well, you'll see. With hilarious full-color photos throughout, Rabid holds a humorous mirror up to our dog-centered society, helping us laugh at our own behavior and at the even-more-insane antics of all those other dog people.

Ok, so it's probably no secret that I am a little obsessed with dogs (especially my fur-child Beagle, Evie) so as soon as I saw this book in one of the latest Shelf Awareness newsletters I couldn't wait to add it to my TBR list.
What great books did you find this week?


  1. Sounds good! I don't have a dog but I've always wanted one. I get totally jealous of other people's dogs! And I loved reading Marley and Me :) (I love the pawprint background of your blog by the way!)

    My Friday Finds

    Have a great weekend - happy reading!

    1. I love my dog and couldn't live without her. While I did love Marley & Me the ending left me an emotional wreck for about three days!! I just can't take sad endings when it comes to animals like that. It kills me.....


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