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Guest Post - Author Michaela Debelius on 'How To Handle A Non-Reader'

Today I have a great guest post for you by Michaela Debelius, author of Perpetual, a new paranormal romance.

How To Handle A Non-Reader
There are those among us that don’t like reading. I’ll give you a moment to accept that. Actually, I take that time allotment back. You’re probably aware of these individuals. In fact, you’re probably outnumbered by them. I know firsthand what it’s like to interact with this baffling species, mostly because I’m married to one.
I’ll admit, at times I taunt him about this. “What new book are we beginning this week?” I’ll ask as we exit the library. My husband is a master of starting books. By chapter two his mind has wandered, his eyes have glazed, and he is adrift in a sea of thought that has nothing to do with literature and everything to do with drumming or motor vehicle maintenance. There was a time long ago when I presumed intellect was closely linked with the love of reading. I was young; I was na├»ve; I was proven wrong. My husband is extremely intelligent, more so than yours truly, yet he just can’t seem to find enthusiasm for reading. It took me some time, but eventually I realized what his dysfunction was, because clearly it was him that was broken and not the book.

He hasn’t found a suitable genre.

            Books are akin to music and movies, a truth non-readers don’t embrace. I’ve yet to encounter a person who vehemently declares, with nose pinched and mouth pursed, they dislike music or movies. So why such a violent dispassion when it comes to books? I blame it on the high school years. Even those of us who quiver with delight at the anticipation of a trip to the bookstore have some novel that conjures resentment upon hearing its hostile name. For me, it’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I know this novel is an undeniable classic. I realized there are a few of you who will walk away from the computer with disgust after reading such a declaration. But this novel was shoved down my throat by a somewhat unpleasant sixth grade English teacher much in the way a mother pushes broccoli. It was awful. It was grueling. It elicited a new appreciation for cruciferous vegetables.

            Literature is just as diverse as music or movies, providing a niche category for even the most eclectic of mental palates, but the expansive shelves are sometimes underutilized. All it takes is one bad experience to forever turn a person away from the wonderfully captivating world of books. Music and movies are different. My hypothesis: these are not private forms of media. Music is everywhere. It’s played in stores, it’s a must-have when driving, it’s used routinely in…that’s right…movies. Movies and television are just as integrated, becoming as ubiquitous to our culture as overly complicated coffee drinks and fast food restaurants. Books on the other hand are not a social activity. Most people don’t gather around e-readers on their lunch break to collectively skim the pages of the latest J.K Rowling. I think this is the reason people shy away. They had one bad experience and, since graduating high school or college, are now freed from the repeat exposure.

            Slowly and patiently, approaching with caution as I would an injured animal, I’m drawing my husband out of his dreary existence as a non-reader. We go to the library together, he in the CD section and me in fiction, but he’s there, and often he leaves with a book under his arm. Usually it sits on his nightstand for three weeks before I pick it up, brush of the personal effects that have accumulated on top, and return it to the library sad and unfulfilled. It is, after all, the book’s purpose in life to be read. Stripping it of that pleasure, that promise of satisfying its aspiration, is simply cruel and unusual in my opinion, though the importance of my opinion is debatable. But I don’t view his literary neglect as defeat. I view it as progress. After all, there was a time when we’d leave the bookstore with a pile of CDs and no books to be found in his reusable tote.

            So for now, until they realize there are endless possibilities in the enticing span of books, I recommend you do the same with those mysterious creatures in your own life. There’s no need to brow-beat, no need to berate, but try suggesting a book you’ve enjoyed or simply recommend they explore a new genre. Maybe offer your used novels to a friend.

            And if all else fails, Facebook has made it easier than ever to “unfriend” those enigmatic, heartless, non-bookie people.

            Just teasing…sort of…

About The Author:
Michaela Debelius is an American fiction writer whose work incorporates elements of science fiction, horror, and romance. Originally from New England, she now lives in Arizona with her husband and two furry children. For more information about her second novel, Perpetual, please visit

About The Book

Perpetual (Revoker Book I)“Some people say they don’t care. I actually mean it.”

Mercy Green didn’t become this way overnight. Centuries of monotonous life have left her jaded and detached. Humans weren’t meant to live forever. But then again, she isn’t human. Adam is though, and his purity baffles her. How can he remain unpolluted in a world tarnished by corruption? It doesn’t matter. Her time in Birchwood Creek is coming to an end and she must prepare to relocate. That is, until she inexplicably wakes up in a pool of her own blood. The answer seems simple enough: leave immediately. But when an attempt is made on Adam’s life, a failed murder she inadvertently caused, she feels obligated to stay and protect him.

But then she’s attacked again.

And Adam begins to ask questions.

Victim to an unseen stalker, Mercy’s forced to seek help from Nick, an immortal teenager whose sudden appearance suspiciously coincides with her plunge into chaos. With her structured life unraveling and revelation of her immortality looming, Mercy must accept the truth: she’s being hunted. But why?

…And she thought immortality was boring.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Review - Equinox (Ethos #2) by Desiree Finkbeiner

Ethos (Equinox, #2)Ethos by Desiree Finkbeiner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Kindle Edition, 1st edition
Published October 21st 2012 by Hydra Publications
Source: Provided by author for an honest review
Challenges: Ebook Challenge, Colour Coded Challenge, Genre Variety Challenge, A-Z Title Challenge

'Death separated them... but the will of the Universe gave them a second chance to be together. Brianna and Kalen embark on a difficult mission to save their civilizations from the evil designs of Ellette and her minions. The laws of Ethos that forbid their relationship are challenged by their undying devotion to one another. Can they change the law or will the fight destroy their love?
Lives are lost as they're caught up in a conspiracy that goes deeper than they ever imagined. Untold secrets are exposed sending Kalen and Brianna down a path from which they discover a hidden past, and an unknown future. When prophecies fall short of predicting the outcome, where can they turn for answers?'

My Thoughts:
I have to say that this instalment definitely captured me a lot more than the first book, mainly due to the intricate and fascinating world that is further built upon. The author really draws on the imagination of the reader and has gone to an incredible amount of effort to create the world of Ethos.

This instalment again centres around Brianna and Kalen and their mission to save not only Ethos but Earth as well from Elette and her nasty minions.

The story focuses quite a bit on the love the Brianna and Kalen feel for each other and the fact that it is forbidden due to the laws upheld by the council members in Ethos. I'd say that the romantic aspect has a tendency to take over the story a little bit in some parts but it does not diminish the book in any way.

Brianna matures as a character quite a bit during this novel and is no longer the carefree college student that she started out as in Morning Star. She has come to accept her destiny in life and the important role she holds as well as learning to control her new powers more and more as the story develops.

The only negative I found was all the new conspiracy theory discussions as I felt like I was being given a lesson in world history. I honestly have to say that these were the only parts of the book where I felt a little lost.

Overall, this is a fascinating and unique fantasy series that I would recomment to anyone with an interest in this genre.

Amazon: Equinox (Ethos)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WWW Wednesdays (23rd January 2013)

WWW Wednesdays is hosted by Should Be Reading.

To join in all you need to do is answer the following three questions:

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

This week I managed to hit another reading slump. No matter how many times I sat down to read I could only seem to get through a few pages at a time before either starting to doze off or just getting bored. I really hate it when this happens as I have so many books I want to read that I hate wasting precious reading time. Oh well.....

• What are you currently reading?
At the moment I am reading The Dragon's Egg (Dragonslayer Book 4) as part of a future blog tour and I have finally started Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) which I have been wanting to finish for ages!

• What did you recently finish reading?

I recently finished reading Ethos (Equinox, #2) and will be posting my review very shortly.

• What do you think you’ll read next?
Next I think I might start Zoo as it's something I've been wanting to read for a little while now.

What have you been up to this week?


And The Winner is.....

The winner of my No Strings Attached Giveaway was (drumroll please....):

#474 - Jessica
Our winner has been contacted by email and has since responded so a $10 Amazon giftcard is now on it's way!
A big Thank You to everyone who visited my blog and entered the giveaway and best of luck for next time :-)
Happy Reading!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In My Mailbox (20th January 2013)

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren and is a weekly meme to show what books you have accumulated during the week.

This week I went a little bit crazy. Even after posting that embarrasing picture of the books I own but still haven't read here, I still ended up acquiring the following books this week. I really need another 2 days in my week just to dedicate to reading instead of working I think!

Zoo Scarecrow (Shane Schofield, #3) Ice Station Matched (Matched, #1)

Hiding in Sunshine  Out of Nowhere

So, although I kind of ruined my plan to try and get through at least 5 of my TBR books before buying anymore, I'm ok with that :-)

What great books did you get this week? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review - 101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead of Eating by Lexi Burke Alexander

101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve!101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve! by Lexi Burke Alexander
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Kindle Edition
Published by Lil Black Dress Press
Source: Own copy
Challenges: Ebook Challenge, Genre Variety Challenge


Before You Start Munching on Those Goodies - Download This Book!

Do You Want to Lose Weight and Get a Flat Belly?

It is no secret that many of us eat mindlessly and out of boredom.

In this no fluff, short report, health and beauty researcher Lexi Burke Alexander shares what you can do instead of eating so you can lose weight and get the flat belly you deserve!

"101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve" can save you hundreds of calories! No dieting involved. Just lot's of great activities you will LOVE!

Perfect for when you need a quick diversion from the food that is tempting you.

Just scroll thru the pages and find something else to do. You can save hundreds of calories instantly!

Keep those unwanted and unneeded calories out of your mouth!

"101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead Of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve" is Your Flat Belly, Activity Companion!'

My Thoughts:
This book is pretty much just a list of distractions for a person to do instead of eat.
To some people a book like this might be invaluable in breaking that mindset of 'I'm bored, lets eat' by giving them something else to concentrate on for a few minutes and to get over the fact that they were not really eating because they were hungry, but because it was a habit instead.
The activities in this book are organised under different types such as 'Household Hobbies', 'Preventative Measures', and 'Pass the Time'. In my opinion, some of the activities were a little bit 'out there' and not really all that achievable in a moment of weakness if you need to break the cycle of eating through boredom. Some of them would take quite a bit of forward planning to actually do but there were still quite a few good ideas in amongst them for those that need that little extra bit of motivation at short notice.
Overall, if you're in need of a bit of inspiration or new ideas of things to do to keep you busy and your mind off food, this is a cute little book to have on hand and flick through whenever needed.

Amazon: 101 Kick Ass Things To Do Instead of Eating: Get The Flat Belly You Deserve!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop!

This is hop for all the people who hate jumping through hoops to enter giveaways. This is a no strings attached, no requirements to enter hop.
This is my first time participating in a giveaway hop and I'm very excited!!
I will be giving away an Amazon Giftcard to one lucky person to the value of $10.00 ($AUD) as part of this hop.
Don't forget to hop along to all of the other wonderful blogs to enter as many of the giveaways as you can!

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Spotlight On: Brick Marlin author of 'Sectors'

Today I am featuring an interview for you that I recently did with author Brick Marlin who is currently promoting his novel 'Sectors':

Brick MarlinTell us a bit about your favourite character/s from the book?

I’d have to say Rodney and Wendell are probably my favourite ones. They help move the story along. Rodney is a young cannibal who befriends Gilbert, the main character. This cannibal not only has a funny sense of humour, his interest is eating people he doesn’t like. Even though Wendell doesn’t arrive until about the middle of the tale, also befriending Gilbert, he is one of my favourite monsters, a werewolf.

What was your inspiration behind this book?

My inspiration came from watching episodes of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Amazing Stories and Night Gallery. I’ve harvested ideas and placed them into Sectors, as well as the other books in the series, developing bizarre dimensions and odd characters. I’ve been writing the books so a reader will not have to start with the first book in the series to catch-up – so to speak – because I use a villain called the Baron in each of the books, the mastermind behind the horrors of Sectors. 
What’s your favourite way to spend your spare time?

If I’m not working my day job, if I’m not writing books, I’m writing role-playing games for Hydra Publications; somewhat like the old Dungeon and Dragons stuff.  And somewhere in between that I run, bike ride and swim. It just seems like I’m always busy doing something!
What's one piece of advice you would give other aspiring authors?

Keep writing and don’t give up. I never thought any of my work was that interesting to readers until I published my first novel, The Darkened Image, in 2007. 
If you weren't a writer, what else do you think you would you be doing instead?

Drawing cartoons. When I was a kid that was something I really wanted to do besides writing.
Do you have a favourite scene in this book (without giving the story away too much)?

Hard to say, I really dig the entire tale!
Do you have any pets?

I have two dogs and a schizophrenic cat.

What’s one thing that many people wouldn’t know about you?

On occasion, I tend to return to the stage and play music with a few good friends of mine in a small acoustic/electric blues trio called Buckshot Howl. You can find us at if you’d like to give us a listen.
Do you have any new works in the pipeline which you care to share any details about?

This month I have another book released from Whiskey Creek Press in the Sectors series entitled called Blue Lights in A Jar and another coming out in April called Nettie and the Shepherd.

About The Book:

Against their parents’ wishes, Gilbert and Bobby trespass into an abandoned old house, unaware of the horrors that lurk inside. With Bobby’s sudden disappearance, Gilbert finds himself caught up in an adventure that only starts with the ghosts who reside in the house. After stepping through a door into the Sectors, Gilbert is confronted with an entirely new world populated with werewolves, vampires, zombies, ghosts, robots, humans and a cannibal…


Please visit Brick's website for more information and other releases forthcoming this year. You can also find him lurking around at where you’ll find reviews about his books.
Amazon: Sectors

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Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!

20 Amazing Authors plus more than 100 of the Best Bloggers have joined together to bring you 1 Amazing Giveaway!

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The Essence by Kimberly Derting
Alaina Claiborne by MK McClintock
Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out by Pandora Poikilos
Uncontrollable by S.R. Johannes
Hunted by Ednah Walters
Cliffhanger by Amy Saunders
I Was Here - Before You Came by Camelia Miron Skiba
Everlost by Brenda Pandos
Blood Oath by T.L. Clarke
Reaper's Novice by Cecilia Robert
Bulletproof by Jeff LaFerney
Lancaster House by Taylor Dean
Two Halves by Marta Szemik
Murder on Potrero Hill by M.L. Hamilton
Bellyache by Crystal Marcos
Kill Shot by Anne Patrick
Skid Out by Ann Marie Frohoff
Between by Mary Ting
Dragon Stones Saga by Kristian Alva
Rapunzel Untangled by Cindy C. Bennett

Giveaway Details
1 winner will receive their choice of a Kindle Fire HD (US Only), $199 Amazon Gift Card or $199 in Paypal Cash (International).
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Friday Finds (11th January 2013)

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading where you show off all of the great books you have come across in some way or another during the week.

My first Friday Finds post for the New Year. How Exciting!!

This week I came across the following books and added them to my ever growing TBR pile:

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13) Hell Island (Shane Schofield, #4) A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time, #14; A Memory of Light, #3)

What great reads did you come across this week?

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