Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Personal 'Mt TBR'

The other day I got this crazy idea to pull out from my bookshelves all of the physical books that I own which I haven't read yet.

Seriously, why do we do these things to ourselves??

Anyway, here is what my official 'Mt TBR' looks like:

In one way it's not as bad as I imagined it would be, but on the other hand it's still a pretty daunting pile of books (some are serious chunksters!) When they were all in their little spots on the shelves (I arrange mine in a weird order of favourite authors from top to bottom) it didn't seem so bad, but now I know exactly what I have to get through I'm feeling very daunted.

The thing is, there are so many titles here that I have been dying to get to but other stuff just keeps getting in the way. I really need to start making a monthly reading plan to include some of these now in between my review books I think.

Unfortunately this isn't all of my TBR books either. I have 30-ish ebooks on my Kindle too which I need to get through one day. I've been surprisingly good with resisting a lot of the free kindle deals lately so I can keep the numbers I have on there down to a semi-decent level.

So, one of my New years resolutions is to not buy any more books until I get through at least 5 of these first. I think that's reasonable enough. I'd love to try and enforce a total book buying ban on myself until I have these babies all finished but who would I be kidding??

I wonder if there is a Obsessive Book Buyer Anonymous group or something I can join to manage my little problem?

Does anyone else like to shock themselves now and then like me? Do you also have a ridiculously large pile of books to read but just keep buying more??



  1. That's insane at least its not as bad as my OCD case, for example for every 1 book I read I go out and buy 15 at the most. And not only that but my shelves which I have 2 of them, are full of books I haven't read. So I'm with you on that girl! I need to stop doing this. 1 1/2 of a shelf is how many books I need to read. That's not even counting the Ebooks

    1. Haha! Maybe you should implement a book buying limit like me. One extra book for every 5 you knock off your TBR pile! Sounds like you definitely need it more than me :-)

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