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Review - What Comes Around by Ted Bell

What Comes Around (Alexander Hawke, #7.2)What Comes Around by Ted Bell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Kindle Edition, 100 pages
Published February 11th 2014 by William Morrow Impulse (first published November 26th 2013)
Source: Publisher for Review

'An esteemed former CIA director dies off the coast of Maine.

Another senior CIA officer is found dead of a "heart attack" in a posh Paris hotel. Counterspy Alex Hawke and his friend Ambrose Congreve think this could be more than coincidence. Hawke discovers that the victims are connected through one man: Spider Hyde, a rogue intelligence officer whose dangerous exploits got him barred from the CIA. Now Spider believes he's been wronged and is out for vengeance-and Alex Hawke is his number-one target.

Hawke's only hope is to lure his deadly enemy into a trap he can't escape-and it's a place Hawke knows better than anyone: his seaside home in Bermuda.

My Thoughts:
This was my first taste of reading anything written by Ted Bell and it was definitely a short and sweet adventure.

Obviously now knowing the character Alex Hawke from any of his previous novels, I was pleasantly surprised at how similar he seemed to be to a James Bond type character but with a bit more grit and less of the suave appeal that Bond has.

As this is only a very short novella, the storyline and action starts pretty much straight away and doesn't really stop until the end. There isn't much room for any 'filler' material and the reader gets a good taste of what is to come in the next instalment in the series.

What I liked about Hawke is that he is a very confident character, but also not without his flaws and Bell doesn't make him the perfect 'think of everything' hero like some others.

After reading What Comes Around I'm definitely interested in going back to the beginning and seeing how these stories begin and how Hawke's character develops along the way.

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