Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review - Networking Thoughtfully by M. Wheadon

Networking Thoughtfully: The 30 Minute Read That Could Change Your LifeNetworking Thoughtfully: The 30 Minute Read That Could Change Your Life by M Wheadon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Kindle Edition
Published January 26th 2017 by Troubador Publishing
Source: Netgalley

'Networking Thoughtfully is a short guide for people who need to build relationships, but do not know where to start. Martin Wheadon takes readers through a step-by-step process to help achieve positive results. The reader is provided with over thirty thoughts and clever remedies to boost their confidence and communication skills. Although the book has been written with businesses in mind, Networking Thoughtfully can also be used to aid and abet personal development, as learning how to start conversations is beneficial when meeting new people, regardless of the circumstances. 
Networking Thoughtfully draws from Martin's own experience of developing a successful marketing facility, called the High Tea Club. Wheadon provides clearly-written advice in a conversational tone, encouraging the reader to believe that he understands their anxieties and talks from personal experience, using examples to illustrate the guidelines provided. The book also provides space for the reader to write their own thoughts or answers to various tasks suggested by the author. It is a book that can be read in parts, or as a whole in only half an hour. Networking Thoughtfully will appeal to readers of all ages particularly those that are new to networking or want to improve their skills. It will also appeal to businesses and organisations looking to improve networking skills.'

My Thoughts:
Networking Thoughtfully is a very quick read and as it states, it took me only around half an hour to get through it.

It contains some good tips, especially for anyone who is new to networking or has a bit of a fear of getting themselves and their business out there.

It contains short and sharp steps that give the reader ideas to put into practice before, during and after any networking or social event they attend.

The points are all easy to understand and implement and are nice, practical ways to improve or fine-tune you networking skills.

If you are a business owner who struggles with networking or have a fear of these types of events, this book may give you a bit more confidence and some practical advice to implement at your next event.

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