Friday, May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA 2013 - Genre Discussion - Non Fiction

I have to say that I am a big Non Fiction fan. Mainly because I love to read books now and then about certain interests and hobbies I have such as Gardening and Blogging, and I also love to get an insiders view of some celebrities or other famous figures by reading their biographies or memoirs.

Fiction is definitely a great genre to read if you want to escape for a while, but the fascination with Non Fiction is because of the fact that it is based on real life facts which in some instances can be even stranger than fiction!

One of the best Non Fiction books I think I have read has to be Scar Tissue. For some reason this book has been one I have thought about again and again since reading it years ago as it absolutely fascinated me in some sections of the book. Seriously, this man should not still be alive but is somehow still going strong. That's what I mean about Non Fiction sometimes being stranger than Fiction. When you read about someone's real life and think 'Wow, how on earth did they live like that?'

I'd love to know what Non Fiction books have stayed with everyone else years after reading them?



  1. I love that you mentioned how nonfiction can be stranger than fiction. That is so true! So many times as I'm spouting to my family about some nonfiction book one of them will ask, " that TRUE?" Real life is bizarre. You couldn't make some of this stuff up :)

    I haven't read Scar Tissue but I really should. I was a giant fan of his back in the day.

    1. I really recommend you read Scar Tissue if you were a fan of his. It was a real eye opener for me!

  2. I'm also a "not big non-fiction" reader, but compelling writing always wins with me. Scar Tissue must've been one heck of a read!


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