Monday, May 14, 2012

New Name and a New Toy!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to update you all on my decision to change my blog name to Beagle Book Space. This has been something that I've been tossing up for a little while because this name reflects me as a person more and highlights to the world my love of all things Beagle (thanks to my 7 year old fur-child Evie who enhances my life every day).

Also, I just wanted to shout out how excited I was to get a Kindle Touch yesterday for Mother's Day. This is my first ever e-reader (I've been using an application on my laptop so far) and I love it already. It's so light and handy to use with one hand which is important when bub falls asleep on me and one hand is all I have free.

So, this brings me to a question for everyone. Is Amazon the only place you can get books from for a Kindle or can you get them elsewhere too? I'm very technologically challenged so am a bit confused about all the different file formats and what goes with what.

Any help or suggestions on how I can get the most out of my new toy would be greatly appreciated!

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend like I did and all you mothers out there got spoilt too :-)

Michelle xx

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