Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bloggiesta Time!

Well it's that time of year again. The time where we can dedicate a whole weekend to doing all of those things on our blog that we want to do but never seem to get around to.

Bloggiesta is happening from the 28th to the 30th September and all the intricate details and the way to sign up can be found here at There's a Book.

I have quite a few things I've wanted to do with this blog but just haven't had the time and/or motivation so hopefully I'll be able to make a true effort on this weekend to do all of those things.

I'm slowly making a list so here is just a few things I'm thinking of for now:

1) Look into a personalised design (I'm fussy and also pretty slow when it comes to techie stuff so this is a bit scary to me);
2) Create my own rating system;
3) Learn about whether it would be beneficial to move to Wordpress or whether Blogger is good enough for me to stick with for now;
4) Look into getting my own blog button;
5) Learn how to create a linky (please don't judge me, I've never had to yet but am curious!)
6) Post all of my past reviews on Amazon (that I haven't already). This is something I always run out of time to do and then forget!

So, that's some of my goals. Whether I will actually get to all (or any?) of them, only time will tell.

If you also have a to-do list and need some extra motivation, come and join us!

I hope everyone has a great week.



  1. I'm participating in Bloggiesta for the first time and have a few goals similar to yours so I'm super excited to see what it's all about and hopefully improve my blog. Hope you accomplish your blogging goals! :)

    1. This will be my first time too so hopefully we will both achieve our blogging goals!

  2. I'm participating for the first time this year too. I'm looking forward to it. I posted my participation announcement today!



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