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Tour Spotlight and Interview - HerStory by Delaina Waldron


Book Synopsis
HerStory a novel by Delaina M. Waldron is a paranormal/thriller that takes the reader on a journey in the life of a young African slave woman named Ayira who has a dark secret.  A dark secret she does not understand and is beyond her control.
Ayira can see the past and the future and she can also speak to the dead. 
It is the beginning of slavery in America, a Native American tribe rescues Ayira and she struggles to balance her special powers and face her dark past to help the people around her.
Ayira must overcome her fears of her dark past, survive the present and accept her destiny to help prevent the Indian tribes fatal outcomes.
Author Interview
What was your inspiration behind writing HerStory?
My Inspiration was my admiration for the Native American Indian culture and trying to find a different concept in where Native American Indians in the 18th century might have coexisted with African slaves adding a twist of paranormal in the mix.
Would you like to share one piece of advice to other aspiring authors?
My advice to other aspiring authors are to never give up on writing your stories, the stories that drives you, the stories you can't seem to get out of your mind, the stories you so passionately want to bring to life.  There are reasons why you have that aching feeling to give your characters voices and share your characters with the world and you just might find the reasons when your done writing those stories, you never know.
If you weren't a writer, what else do you think you would be doing instead?

If I was not a writer, I would be creating films.  Whether it be by directing, producing or even acting, in one way shape or form, I want to entertain the world.
Do you have a special 'writing place' or are you fortunate enough to be able to write anywhere?

I am able to write anywhere I can, I am constantly writing scenes in my head on a daily basis.

Do you have a favourite scene in the book (without giving the story away too much)?
My favorite scene in the book is the flash back scene in the beginning of the book, because I give the reader a chance to get to know Ayira by letting the reader see her innocence and give the reader a glance in her normal life back in Africa...

Do you have any pets?
I currently have no pets.

What's you favourite way to spend your spare time?
I love writing screenplays and short stories.  The short stories and screenplays to me can become novels, If I choose.
What's one thing that most people wouldn't know about you?

I want to become a filmmaker.
What's one of the most surprising things that you've learnt about yourself since writing?

I've learned that if someone has a passion for writing although they might not have the proper training or education for writing, they can still write stories and create worlds if they have the passion and drive to make that happen.  Some of the best writers taught themselves how to write.
Do you have any new works in the pipeline which you care to share any details about?

I am currently writing a short screenplay that I will eventually produce myself about a group of people that go to the woods to pick up one of their friends that works as a nature guide.  As they wait for the guide to finish his shift, they go exploring on their own into the surrounding forests and on there way back home they realize they brought something or someone back with them.

Author Bio
Delaina M. Waldron is a Screenwriter, Novelist and freelance writer in her spare time.  She wrote two feature length screenplays one of which was adapted to her novel "HerStory" and the other a comedy called "Ghetto Ghost Hunters" was a finalist in the 2011 Hollywood Screenwriting contest.  She also wrote a short screenplay a thriller called "Peeper", which is currently in production.
Delaina M. Waldron is a single mother of one and is currently a city bus driver and a military veteran for the Army Reserves, based in New York City.
Twitter:  @delainawaldron

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