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Author Interview and Giveaway! - Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 by C.R. Hiatt

As part of the Tourz De Codex book tour I was fortunate enough to have some interview questions answered by author C.R. Hiatt and given the opportunity to host a giveaway!


Tell us a bit about your favourite character/s from the book.
Sydney and Cody (McSwain and Beck) are my favorite characters, and not because they are the main players. Syd has gone through so much for a girl of eighteen, yet she doesn’t sit around whining just hoping her life will improve. A tomboy at heart, she doesn’t have a clue how pretty she actually is. She’d rather roll around in the mud, and whip the boys at the paintball obstacle course, than mess with makeup and her unruly hair. Looks have never been important to her, even though the hip magazine and popular “It girls” made it seem so.

While other girls were off chasing boys and having fun at sleep overs, Sydney was off searching for the father she never knew. When her mother was horrificly murdered, she wanted to curl up into a fetal position and wither away, but she knew that wasn’t an option. Instead, she picked herself up and took charge of her life. While others her age were heading off to college, and looking forward to parties and fun, she decided to take over her mother’s P.I. agency to pay the bills. With all the problems in todays’ society, she’s a good role model for young girls.

When it comes to Cody, one can’t help but admire him and fall for his charm. He was born into a rich famly, with free memberships to all the private tennis and beach clubs. He could have had it all; cars, girls and just about anything that money could buy, as long as he worked for his father. Staying true to his own desires, he gave up all the money, cars and life of abundance his father offered him, and followed his own path of wanting to work with Sydney and hopefully, make some films in his spare time. You see, while all the hot “It girls” were hanging on his every word, and showering him with attention, deep down he’s always had a secret thing for Sydney. Through all of his silly pranks and shenanigans, Sydney is the only girl who can keep him on his toes.

What he really wants to do is find out if she feels the same way? He might just try to find out in the sequeal, Fireworks on the 4th.

What was your inspiration behind this book?
There were a couple things at the back of mind when I created the first book in this series:
1. I hadn’t read Hunger Games at the time I was writing the first two books of the series, so I wanted to create a female character that young girls could look up to. One who kept getting kicked in the gut (mentally), but found the courage to be strong and work her way through it. I didn’t want boyfriends, makeup, and clothes to be such a focal point that her life revolved around them, but show that she was aware of them by having her mother as the beauty.
2.  I wanted to use a subtle approache, but let teens and young adults see (by way of fictional stores) some of the dangers that they plague our crazy world, these days.
What’s your favourite way to spend your spare time?
That’s a tough one. I don’t just have one favorite thing. I guess I would have to say, just being outdoors, maybe exercising when the sky is at its brightest blue, and the waves are crashing up against the pier. There’s nothing like a good shot of adrenaline coursing through the veins after a fast-paced walk along the bike path.
What's one piece of advice you would give other aspiring authors?
Do some major research on marketing, and start your social media presence, long before you are ready to publish your book. It is so much easier to put your work out there, when you already have a following in place. In my opinion, social media is a major part of a book being successful these days.
If you weren't a writer, what else would you be doing?
If I wasn’t writing screenplays and books, I would want to be the one filming the scenes. I think it would be a blast to take one of my stories from start to finish, and make either a TV pilot, or feature film.
Do you have one particular special ‘writing place’ or are you fortunate enough to be able to write anywhere?
I don’t have an office - at least not what most would consider a normal office. I don’t like to be confined in a room, with four walls closing in on me. Instead, I bought myself a portable laptop desk, so I can sit in front of a window where I have the best view, or even out on the screened-in-deck where I can see the ocean. I have even been known to park myself at the beach, where boats of all sizes have been known to pass by. It’s a great place for peope-watching too. It’s great for when I’m tryng to come up with unique character traits.
Do you have a favourite scene in this book (without giving the story away too much)?
My absolute favorite scene is at the very end of the book (I won’t give it away), because it gives Sydney hope that she might be able to find something she’s been lookng for, for a very long time.
Do you have any pets
I did. I had a Golden Retriever named Panda. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly. I haven’t replaced her with another, because she and I were so close. We spent 24/7 together. We walked several times a day, and I took breaks away from my wrting to throw the ball, or play tug of war. When I was in “writing mode”, she would just lie down right at my feet, and try not to bother me. When she needed to go out, she would just give me a look, and that’s all it took. She was my best pal, and I still miss her dearly.

About The Author:
CR HIATT is a writer of screenplays and an author of YA action-mystery novels. The daughter of a military veteran, CR grew up in a small town where she became an All-American athlete. CR knew early on that she wasn't cut out for the nine to five type of job - her tendency to day dream about adventures often got in the way. But, being the daughter of a Navy Veteran she also knew one had to do what was necessary to be secure, so she disciplined herself to push those dreams aside and settled on working in the entertainment legal field. When those dreams invaded her world once again, CR finally gave in and set out to write her own adventures. What the heck, right. If you can't live 'em, you might as well write about them. The McSwain & Beck series are works of fiction, only based on real life events. Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 is the first in the series, and available now. Fireworks on the 4th will be released in late June, just before the 4th of July holiday season.

Ok, now for the exciting part. As part of the tour, two copies of the e-book 'Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00' is up for grabs. Please complete the form below to enter: (This giveaway is International)
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Good Luck!!


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