Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Review - 'From Dead To Worse' by Charlaine Harris

Well, I must say that 'From Dead To Worse' was probably one of the most un-climactic books in the Sookie Stackhouse series so far for me.
It gives you a great build up on the back of the book by saying how Sookie will find herself facing danger, death and betrayal but after reading it I must admit that I'm left feeling a bit deflated.
The werewolf war, un-climactic; The vampire takeover, un-climactic; and most of all the ending, un-climactic!! I know the ending was probably done the way it was to leave the readers hanging for the next instalment, but I'm not sold.
For most of this book I was just frustrated in one way or another. The whole way she handled the episode with Quinn was just a little odd and the sagas going on between Sookie and Sam and Sookie and Eric are starting to lose their fun now.
I am kind of getting the feeling that the author is starting to run out of fresh ideas so is starting to grip at straws just to keep churning out more instalments. When author's start to obviously do this it really annoys me. I've read quite a few large series before that keep you hanging off the edge of your seat with every book but I definitely don't get that with this series anymore.
I'm just not feeling the excitement of sitting down and opening up the next book and think I will start on something else for a change before I do. Maybe a rest will be just what I need to get me interested in the next instalment. We'll see......
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

My next read will be 'Red Dog' as I am dying to see the movie but must read the book first before I do. I love light hearted stories like this one so am looking forward to it.

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