Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quarterley Challenge Update

At the start of 2012 I decided to join in on three reading challenges. I'd never been part of a reading challenge before and knew I'd struggle a bit due to having a small toddler as well as my CPA studies which of course take up an enormous amount of my time, but I thought it would still be fun to join in and see how I go regardless.

The three challenges I joined up for were the 15,000 Page Challenge, The Chunkster Challenge and The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge.                                      

15,000 Page Challenge
This challenge is obviously to try and read at least 15,000 pages over the year. As at the end of March I had managed to finish 5 books with a total of 2,253 pages. These were as follows (including a link to my review if applicable):
1) The Potato Factory - Bryce Courtenay (739 pages)
2) The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde (254 pages)
3) Dixie City Jam - James Lee Burke (512 pages)
4) The Murder Book - Jonathan Kellerman (437 pages)
5) Dead in the Family - Charlain Harris (311 pages)

I was hoping to rack up a bit more than that but it's still not a bad effort with everything else I've had going on.
Chunkster Challenge
I went for Level 2 in this challenge 'The Plump Primer' where I have to try and read 6 chunksters during the year. A Chunkster is a book of 450 pages or more. The books I've read so far that qualify are:
1) The Potato Factory - Bryce Courtenay (739 pages)
2) Dixie City Jam - James Lee Burke (512 pages)

I'm pretty confident I'll get through another 4 somehow during the rest of the year.
The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge
Again I went for Level 2 in this challenge 'Dust Bunny' where I have to read between 5-10 books. Basically this challenge is to read as many books that you can that you already own which have been accumulating dust on your bookshelf. It doesn't include any newly purchased books. The books that I've read for this challenge so far are:
1) The Potato Factory - Bryce Coutenay
2) Dixie City Jam - James Lee Burke
3) The Murder Book - Jonathan Kellerman
4) The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

I really should just concentrate on this challenge and nothing else. I've still got so many books on my shelves at home that I've had for years and never read and it's certainly a good way to save money. I could probably do at least 5 years of this challenge alone and still not get through my books at home. I know, it's pretty sad and I do feel guilty for buying new ones so often when I really don't need to. 

So, once my CPA exam is over for this semester in the first week of May I'm going to be locking myself away for about a week to do nothing but read so I can improve on this effort a bit during the next quarter.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far.

Michelle xx

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