Friday, April 20, 2012

Review - 'Til We Meet Again' by Stacey Kennedy

'Til We Meet Again'Til We Meet Again by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
ebook, Short Story, 35 pages
Published May 1st 2011 (first published April 30th 2011)

Book Blurb:
'Ethan Thomas has spent years alone―forever trapped between worlds. Once a soldier in the Civil War, he’s now a ghost bound to a chaise lounge that once belonged to him. He’s spent centuries lingering in Savannah, Georgia, waiting to be saved…

Cassandra Cole is an interior designer hired to restore an old Victorian home. As she begins to furnish the house, strange happenings erupt around her. She suspects the house is haunted. Determined to find out, Cassie sets out to discover who the ghost is, why she feels a connection to him, and what she has to do to free him. The answers will surprise her in ways she never imagined.'

Oh dear. Now I know why I've never been an avid romance fan. This short story was just one word to me: corny.

I thought I'd dip my toe in the paranormal romance genre with this story as it was only around 35 pages long but right from the start I was constantly giggling internally to myself at the language used and the references made. I don't know why but romantic stories like this have just never done it for me. I tend to pick the scenes to pieces and shake my head the whole time because I get so baffled at what I'm reading. I guess I'm more of a 'realist' when it comes to romance and these types of books are most definitely not real in any way, shape or form.

Any fans of paranormal romance out there (especially the naughty kind) will probably love this story but it was just a bit too much for me. I was extremely grateful that it was only 35 pages long. Any longer than that, and I just don't think I could have finished it.

This is definitely and 'adults only' story too.

I'd love to know what others think about romance novels these days? Am I a minority for thinking they're just a little bit cheesy?

Michelle xx

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