Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Do You Read?

I was in a pondering moment today and I thought I'd pose the above question to everyone to see what different reasons there are out there for people to read.

Is it to escape from the real world, to discover new people/places/themes, to pass the time or just because it's an easy thing to do?

I think my reasons for reading mainly stem from the fact I was an only child with older parents who never really wanted to do much with me or get disturbed by me having too many friends over when I was younger. Due to this reading became my favourite way to pass the time and discover new things. I loved getting into new books and getting lost in new worlds and pretending that I was in the story as well as getting attached to the characters and feeling a little disappointed when the book ended and I was no longer in their world and being updated on their life.

These days I still love discovering new worlds and characters within a book and I also love being made to think when I'm reading something that's a bit challenging. I also love that feeling of intrigue you get if it's a mystery or thriller that isn't easy to work out and the suspense and heart pumping that can go with coming across an ending that just takes your breath away because it was totally unexpected.

So, why do you read? I'd love to know everyone's reasons.

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  1. Why do I read? I had never thought of this question untill I came to college and all my friends looked at em like alien because I prefer reading to lamost everything else. I mean, my whole family used to read. So, why do I read? Because reading takes me to places, people, and stories. because I don't know what is not to read

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