Sunday, April 22, 2012

In My Mailbox (22nd April 2012)

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren and is a weekly meme to show what books you have accumulated during the week.

I'm getting a bit nervous about all the new books I've been acquiring lately because due to my looming CPA exam on the 2nd May I'm just not getting in the time to read that I would really like due to study commitments. I've officially hit panic stricken stressed-out mode now and won't calm down until I walk out of that exam in a week and a half.

Anyway, here are the books I acquired this week which are all patiently waiting for me to get back to my normal reading schedule:


Spying in High Heels (A High Heels Mystery, #1) Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter #1)

For Review:

Morning Star (Ethos, #1) A Good Man

Currently I'm still trying to get into 'Dead Reckoning' by Charlaine Harris but am not going so well. It's not the poor book's fault though as all I can think about when I try to read is my study materials so hopefully I will get into it a bit more once I de-stress.

I've also just started listening to George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' when I'm doing the housework and in the car. This is a classic that I've been wanting to read for a very long time so can't wait to get a bit more into it.

What books have you acquired this week?

Michelle xx


  1. Spying In High Heels is a cute name..

    Here is my IMM post

    1. Yes, I don't even know if I'll like the book but I couldn't resist the title.
      You certainly got some good books this week too!

  2. Nice mailbox! Love the cover for A Good Man! And Spying in High Heels sounds like a fun read. Enjoy!

    Here's my IMM.

    1. I received A Good Man from the author for review and can't wait to start reading it. I think the cover is awesome too.
      You got some good books yourself this week.

  3. Spying in Heels looks cute!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!

    1. I saw you got some great books too. I need to pay more attention to when our local library is having sales.


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