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Blog Tour - Against All Odds by Aliaa El Nashar - Guest Post

As part of the Blog Tour for the title Against All Odds hosted by The Experience Blog Tours I have author Aliaa El Nashar giving a Guest Post today and answering the following question:

'How do you manage being a writer with other life commitments? Do you write at any time of day/night and get in a writing 'zone' and forget about everything else going on around you, or do you treat it like a normal 9-5 job and only write at set times a day?'

Aliaa's Response:
Whether or not I write at any time of the day I think depends on your definition of writing. If by writing you mean the traditional sense, as in getting it all out on paper or the computer, then that’s complicated. Otherwise I think I’m technically writing, or well creating, over and over again. The characters start occupying my thoughts and creating the perfect scenarios for their stories becomes a job in itself. Thus, I am always distracted, whether I am on the bus, in a family gathering, or even in class. I’d stop concentrating on say, text-analysis class or Italian syntax class and start thinking of Edmund’s story, what Will’s life would be like, or who would Tylor end up with. Then, there would be stories and characters I’d make up on the spot, so the cycle never ends.

I don’t think I have an exact time in which I’d prefer writing, or the perfect spot. It depends on how inspired I am. If I just feel like writing – yes the jotting it down on paper or computer kind – I’d go on like crazy until I am done with a chapter or more. Of course, that more often than not happens in class. On the other hand, to actually accomplish something, I appoint myself a nagger, who is basically a dedicated friend of mine who would be willing to nag me incessantly for long periods of time for me to accomplish something, in that case the guilt does wonders, apparently it’s the greatest motivation for me to get working.

People who can actually work in schedules fascinate me. I wish I could do that! As I am always quick to mention this, I have the attention span of a goldfish, or you know Dora? The blue fish in Finding Nemo? That’s me! I can barely remember what I was saying at times, and cannot concentrate on just one thing at a time, yet I am sadly a born multi-tasker. To study I’d have my books next to me, my iPod on the one side and my laptop on the other. Even on my laptop, I’d be watching something and playing spider solitaire at the same time. Or when I chat with friends I can actually reach a point where I’d be talking to four people at the same time, in four different languages (yes, that has happened) and I wouldn’t mix up or anything, but ask me what I was just saying, or to focus on one thing, that’s when my memory skills go bye-bye!

About the Book:

Format: Paperback, 280 pages
Published April 2011 by Shabab Books Publishing-house (first published January 1st 2011)


The Story revolves around:

-A boy called Damien who seems to have it all. He's rich, good-looking and athletic. He's also arrogant, obnoxious and a major player. Damien is one of 5 children who seem to not get along, until one day Damien meets Alexis and his life is turned inside out.

-A girl called Alexis who has trust issues due to her parents. Her best friends mean the world to her, and she refuses to date anyone that doesn't fit completely in her 'Perfect Guy' list.

They're thrown together a lot and start to face inner demons they've hidden away for so long. "

About The Author:

A 21 year old girl studying languages at university. Grew up in Kuwait and is currently residing in Cairo, Egypt. Loves to read, write and draw.

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